Need your house painted?

Applications are no longer being accepted for 2021. Please apply again next year.

Because the Covid 19 pandemic kept us from having this event in 2020, we are planning to paint as many houses as we can based on the number of volunteers we have. We anticipate the number of houses to be lower this year. We have applicants from 2020 who did not get their house painted. We will try our very best to get to as many of the 2020 applicants that we can. Thanks for applying and thank you for your patience. The cost to the homeowner if selected is $0.00!  We do this through building community: local business sponsorship, local churches, local youth, and God’s help! Know that we have a desire to paint as many houses as we possibly can each year with the resources we have, but if for some reason you are not selected this year please reapply next year! This program is available to residents of Rock Falls and Sterling, IL only and for the purpose of painting our neighbors’ homes. Eligible applicants submit applications by early/mid-Spring. Check back for the application form for 2022 early next year. After completing the application, you will be contacted by our team.  God bless you!